How we compare

Check out for yourself how Granola Stories compare to the big names

We didn't want you to just trust our words so as a transparent small firm, we're sharing all the details! 
Using a simple Point system to measure every nutritional aspect of the recipes 
Best: 3points (Green)
2nd: 2 points (Amber)
3rd: 1 point (Bronze)

Original Comparison.png


With a score of 16 vs 12 as the next best achieving granola, Granola Stories Original performed well. We don’t claim to be best at everything because life isn’t about being best but about being balanced and that’s what a healthy gut should be too. Our natural ingredients come with all the goodness you need. We just put them together so that every bite is not only delicious but offers you lots of protein and fibre but ensuring you don’t over indulge on sugar or saturated fats.

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 09.49.44.png


This is my favourite flavour and it’s a good thing it is super healthy too! Per 100g, notice that it contains over 10g less carbs & 50% less sugar than our competitors in the chocolate granola sector. 50%! Most wouldn’t know that so much sugar would be consumed which would give you that spike of energy but then a real sluggish than nearest competitor and half the amount of sugar. Half!

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 09.50.09.png


This flavour smashes the competition in the same category. We’re so proud that it’s performed so well offering lots of protein and fibre with every bite while keeping sugar levels low. We’ve worked hard to make it so that it is well-balanced and as you can see from the green highlights that we’ve done okay; so please, enjoy!