Top 5 Healthy Granola Brands

I've done lots of research in this area while creating Granola Stories and of course, I don't claim to be the best in all categories as it would mean eating granola that is healthy but compromises on taste. And, that's definitely not what I wanted my brand to be.

So whether you're eating with milk, yoghurt or straight from the bag, granola is a cupboard staple that's just too yummy to pass up. But why is granola so healthy for you, what's actually in it?

This meal (breakfast for most) usually consists of oats, nuts, and some sort of sweetener. We have tested (and by that I mean, tasted) lots of brands - large supermarket ones as well as boutique ones and the best, most nutritious ones will include wholesome ingredients (i.e. oats, nuts, bran etc). I looked some brands which have no trans fat and offer a minimum of 2g of fibre and protein per serving; and importantly did not exceed 10g of sugar per 35g serving (which is what most brands measure their portion sizes at). We at Granola Stories measure them at 45g because that's more realistic to a serving plus, we offer a lot less of the bad stuff so we don't need to hide behind a lower portion size to make the numbers look better for consumers who rightly or wrongly, glance at the nutritional values on the pack. At the end of the day, it is down to the manufacturer, the brand, to offer that information clearly, accurately and honestly.

Top 5

1. gr8nola - The Original

They offer just 5g of sugar per serving with almonds, honey, flaxseeds and some cinnamon. There's also sweetness from monk fruit and coconut oil. This option is free from soy, dairy and refined sugar.

1/3 cup serving: 130cal, 6g total fat (3d sat fat), 0g trans fat, 75mg sodium, 2g fibre, 5g sugar, 3g protein.

PS: we use Rapeseed oil which is much lower in in carb & sugar. :)

2. KIND: Healthy grains Vanilla Blueberry Clusters with Flax Seeds

KIND offer all sorts of great products with low sugar and high protein options and this granola is full of blueberry pieces and flax seeds and amaranth offering high levels of fibre.

1/3 cup serving: 110cal, 3g total fat (0g sat fat), 0g trans fat, 20mg sodium, 4g fibre, 5g sugar, 3g protein.

3. Bear naked Granola: Fit V'Nilla Almond

Firstly, what a great packaging. I love the bear! Bear Naked offers this Fit variety with 45% less sugar than their leading granola. A great option for sugar-conscious consumers. Plus it packs 5g of dietary fibre.

1/3 cup serving: 210cal, 5g total fat (0.5g sat fat), 0g trans fat, 0mg sodium, 5g fibre, 7g sugar, 6g protein.

4. Dorset Cereals Honey Granola

This crunchy option contains lots of pecans and almonds and is sweetened with honey. Dorset have long made some great recipes and this one is one of them which compares well to our Original flavour. We are identical with protein offering but our GS Original offers 50% more fibre while still being lower on sugar. (see more).

1/3 cup: 236cal, 14g total fat (1.5g sat fat), 0g trans fat, 2mg sodium, 3g fibre, 6g sugar, 6g protein.

5. Jordan's Deluxe Dark Chocolate and Strawberries

Honestly, I used to buy this. I loved it. Then, I found out about its sugar content and created our very own Cocoa Berry which offers half of the sugar from Jordan's equivalent. Still, this variety offers high protein and fibre so if you don't mind a hit of sugar, then go for it, it's delicious! See how we compare here.

1/3 cup serving: 195cal, 6g total fat (1g sat fat), 0g trans fat, 1mg sodium, 3g fibre, 9g sugar, 4.5g protein.

For more info, check out our About us page and How we Compare. Check out of product range here! I hope you've enjoyed this post.

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